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Dear NJAAF Supporter,

As you may know, it has been another difficult year for women’s reproductive rights. State legislatures continue to pass abortion restrictions across the country. Even in New Jersey, which is often considered a “good” state for abortion access, safe and legal abortion care remains out of reach for far too many women. 


More than a quarter of New Jersey women live in a county without a single abortion clinicAs a result, many women must travel long distances to access abortion servicesIn addition to the cost of the procedure, travel creates financial burdens associated with transportation, an overnight hotel stayand often childcare. For many women, particularly those with low incomes, the costs associated with accessing safe and legal abortion can be insurmountable 


That’s where the New Jersey Abortion Access Fund steps in. 


As of September 2014, NJAAF has provided financial assistance to 100 women. However, tens of thousands of NJ women obtain abortions each year, the majority of whom are economically disadvantaged. There are many more women who need our help. 

You can be a pro-choice hero by donating to NJAAF. 



NJAAF works with a group of New Jersey clinics to provide financial assistance for those who cannot afford a safe abortion. Any pregnant person can apply for funding, but NJAAF primarily provides funding for New Jersey’s most vulnerable; this year, three-quarters of the women funded had incomes under $15,000 and two-thirds had no health insurance.* 


NJAAF serves as a lifeline for these women, but we need your help. 

Your donation will directly support New Jersey women who need access to safe and legal abortion, who otherwise would be unable to attain those services. This holiday season, you can give the gift of access. 

Thank you for all that you do,


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Our Values - Nuestros Valores

Abortion access is matter of justice. Restrictions disproportionately affect poor women, women of color, young women and women in rural areas. All people, regardless of their economic resources, have the right to decide whether and when to have a child. 

El acceso al aborto terapéutico es una cuestión de justicia. Las restricciones afectan las pobres, las mujeres de color, las jóvenas, y las mujeres que viven en áreas rurales de forma desproporcionada. Tod@s, sin importar sus recursos monetarios, tienen el derecho de decidir si, y cuándo, tendrían un@ hij@.


New Jersey Abortion Access Fund

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